How to recover stolen Instagram account with photo annotation and secure account

The InStagram platform has become one of the most popular platforms after Facebook – although it is owned by Facebook – but this platform has become very widely used in the marketing of all products over the Internet and is attracting a special category of content creators who provide appropriate content More for this platform

As the platform becomes increasingly popular, accounts are more vulnerable to hacking and theft. It is also possible and common for these accounts to be stolen from the platform. This is a big problem for all users, especially those who have personal photos of them and their loved ones on the platform. Very much to learn how to recover a stolen Instagram account

Explain the method of recovering stolen Instagram account:
Now to the recovery steps:

Go to the program login page
Click on Select More Help Need more help
Enter the email address and phone number associated with your account
The program will send you a six-digit message to either your e-mail account or phone number as you choose
Enter this code and welcome now You have been able to recover your stolen account.
Restoring a stolen Instagram account The program will then impose additional layers of protection on your account. The program will prevent changing any new account data such as user, email, phone number and PIN. Unfortunately, this feature is now available for the Android system and will gradually reach the IOS system.

Secure your Instagram account:

It is best to be cautious and cautious instead of regretting later what is going to happen, so you should always ensure that your Instagram account is properly protected and secured. It is best to use a dual activation program or dual security to secure your account away from your phone number and mail. Because they are somehow vulnerable to hacking, so make sure you always install this software on your phone and use it with your Instagram account.

Make sure your data is not entered in suspicious places, suspicious apps, or contests that do not make sense….

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