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Avira Antivirus Pro 15.0.1 key

Avira Antivirus Pro offers the same basic protection as Avira Free Security, plus a few added features that not all of them work well. Stick to the free version or make a better, less expensive choice in a business environment.

Every computer needs virus protection, and one way companies can support this goal is to provide free antivirus to the masses. But these companies cannot survive unless some users pay their hard-earned money for paid antivirus tools. Stacking professional tools and components is one way companies encourage upgrading to a paid antivirus program. Avira Antivirus Pro adds many components not available to Avira Free Security users, but it doesn’t really add much value. The biggest reason to pay for this is if you want to use Avira in a commercial environment, which is not allowed in the free version.

There’s no denying that Avira’s pricing is high, with a list price of $ 59.88 per year for one license, $ 71.88 for three, and $ 95.88 for five. Admittedly, it appears to be for sale permanently; Now, the price of a single license has been reduced to $ 44.99. This is still above the awesome spot rate of just under $ 40. Bitdefender, Webroot, and Emsisoft all fall in the $ 40 price range, as well as over a dozen others. F-Secure Anti-Virus gives you 3 licenses for this price. You pay $ 59.99 for a year from McAfee, but that gives you protection for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices in your home.

As a company, Avira is moving to focus on protecting security suite rather than standalone antivirus software. This is evidenced by the promotion of Avira Free Security over its basic free antivirus. The Avira group’s two products, Avira Internet Security and Avira Prime, along with the free suite, have recently received a complete UI revamp that integrates their components more comprehensively. This wave of improvements hasn’t indulged Antivirus Pro yet, although it is set to join the rest by the third quarter of this year.

For now, your antivirus looks exactly the same as it did the last time I evaluated it. Launcher tool manages your Avira tools: Antivirus Pro, Software Updater, Password Manager, Phantom VPN, SafeSearch plus, Safe Shopping, Browser Safety, Home Guard and Privacy Pal. Antivirus Pro was only installed at the beginning. For testing, I installed Safe Shopping and Browser Security.

Antivirus Pro’s main window features a simple menu on the left side and four large buttons that represent the main protection components: Real-time Protection, Ransomware Protection, Web Protection, and Mail Protection. These four appear on the Protection options page in the free suite, but only real-time protection is enabled for free. Antivirus Pro gets all four.

Features shared with Avira’s free security
In the past, Avira offered two free products, a free antivirus and a free security suite. With its latest product line, the company has officially dropped its free antivirus, although it hasn’t been wiped from the website. Avira Free Security is an abstract version of the top-tier Avira Prime. It includes virus protection, of course, but it also integrates a password manager, a feature-limited VPN, and dozens of easy-to-use utilities. Many of these features interfere with what you get in professional antivirus software. I’ll summarize my findings on those common features here – you can read my review of the free kit for full details.

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