Bucco iPhone will get the Android Q update officially

Bucco iPhone has received a new update to the MIUI system to become the number, the new update comes mainly with the May 2019 security additions.

The new update comes in about 350 MB and comes with other updates such as customizing the lock screen, which you can access by going to the advanced settings in the Lock Screen and Bass import, but the clock will not work with third-party themes and other unofficial formats.

Poko Von

The update also addresses a small set of problems, such as the disappearance of dual applications as well as the improved Wi-Fi connection of the phone, but more importantly, the CEO of the Pocophone branch at the company Shawami confirmed categorically that the phone will get an update Android Q as issued, no information if this update Will arrive on the phone as soon as it is released globally or we will wait for some time before the update is spread and seen on the phones.

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But even if Shawomi did not officially release the phone, Boko Von is characterized by a large group of independent developers who are working hard to provide the latest updates and new phone developments with different systems through a variety of Roms, meaning that the phone will not die any time soon.

On the other hand, the phone Boko Von has received a new price reduction in Egypt and the Arab region to the price now to about 5000 pounds through the latest offer launched by Shawomi in a campaign to spread the phone more and achieve better profits for the phone, but this price is for a limited period only and specifically for a period One day is 19-6.

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