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Junk Clean

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Internet Download Manager

New! Internet Download Manager v6.35. Added Windows 10 compatibility. Fixed compatibility problems with different browsers including Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, all Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome versions.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019

Office 2019 Features: Everything You Need to Know

If you have been eagerly anticipating the release of Microsoft Office 2019 – the wait is over!

Microsoft has packed plenty of sought after features into this brand new version of the suite.

Read on as we break down what improvements you can expect to see across your favorite Microsoft Office applications as part of the update.

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When was Office 2019 released?

Microsoft was tight lipped about when Office 2019 would drop, before officially releasing it on September 24, 2018. Commercial, volume-licensing customers were able to preview Office 2019 before official launch thanks to Microsoft’s Commercial Preview program.

Office 2019 vs. Office 365: What’s the difference?

Many of the features incorporated into Office 2019 are already offered in Office 365, which has led to some confusion amongst customers: What exactly is the difference between Office 2019 and Office 365?

Here’s the main difference: Office 2019 is a one-time purchase, and you won’t receive any feature updates after you buy it. Of course, you’ll still get standard security and quality updates—but you won’t see any new tools or functionality added. You’ll need to be using Windows 10 as your operating system in order to run Office 2019.

In contrast, Office 365 is a subscription-based service. Unlike Office 2019, Office 365 is powered by Microsoft cloud and thus includes more collaborative and up-to-date features than Microsoft’s perpetual software does.

Microsoft has channeled much of its recent energy and attention into Office 365 in the cloud, however, they also recognized that not everybody was willing and ready to make that switch.

“Most of our cloud-powered innovation is coming to Office 365 and Microsoft 365,” explains Microsoft in their FAQs about the Office 2019 preview, “However, we know that this is a journey for some customers who cannot move to the cloud in the near term. We want to support all our customers in their journey to the cloud.”

Again, many of the features we can expect from Office 2019 are likely already offered via Office 365. But, this perpetual software update is a good way for users who aren’t ready to move to the cloud to get access to the new tools and functionality.

Packed with features for the end user, Office 2019 doesn’t skimp on value for the IT side either.

“We introduced Click-to-Run (C2R), a modern deployment technology, in Office 2013, and it’s now used to deploy and update Office across hundreds of millions of devices worldwide,” Microsoft explains in a release, “With Office 2019, we’re moving the perpetual versions of Office to C2R exclusively so IT can take advantage of modern deployment technology to reduce costs and improve security.”

What’s new: Office 2019 features

Here are some of the new features part of Office 2019 sure to be of interest to new and seasoned users alike:

1. Advanced presentation features

While PowerPoint is still one of the most popular and commonly-used presentation solutions available, there are plenty of others who view it as dated—particularly with more tech-savvy options like Prezi available.

In order to stay relevant, Microsoft has announced plans to incorporate more advanced presentation features in Office 2019. These include things like enhanced Morph and Zoom capabilities to help you create a more sophisticated and dynamic presentation.

Those features are already included in Office 365 ProPlus, but are not available to people who are currently operating with Office 2016.

2. More powerful data analysis

When it comes to data management and analysis, Excel still reigns supreme. Office plans to kick things up a notch in the 2019 version of the software.

Customers should expect even more powerful features, such as new formulas, new charts (like funnel charts and 2D maps), the ability to publish from Excel to Power BI (Microsoft’s own business analytics service), and enhancements for PowerPivot and PowerQuery.

Needless to say, if Excel is your undeniable favorite of the Microsoft Office suite, the anticipated 2019 features will probably have you bursting into your happy dance.

Image via Microsoft

3. Improved inking features

Those who use Microsoft Surface devices are probably already big fans of the digital pen that allow them to draw, note, and doodle directly onto their device’s screen.

Office 2019 will introduce all new inking capabilities across all apps—such as pressure sensitivity, tilt effects that adjust the ink’s thickness depending on the angle of the pen, and even a roaming pencil case, which allows users to store and organize their favorite pens, pencils, and highlighters to roam with them across their different devices.

Image via Microsoft

4. Easier email management

Finally, if you’re an Outlook user, the release of Office 2019 shouldn’t leave you out in the cold. Microsoft has teased several new features to take some of the hassle and headaches out of email management.

According to Microsoft, these include things like:

  • Updated contact cards
  • Office 365 Groups
  • @mentions
  • Focused inbox
  • Travel package cards

Microsoft is hopeful that these additions will help users manage their email far more efficiently and effectively.


Snapchat is still growing where it matters most

What a difference

a year makes. This time last year, Snap had just reported its second straight quarter of negative user growth fueled by a buggy Android app and an unpopular redesign.

This year has been a different story.

Snap reported its third quarter results for 2019, revealing that it added 7 million new users and brought in $446 million in revenue — both well ahead of analysts’ expectations for the company.

Snapchat’s daily active users grew to 210 million, up from 203 million last quarter. That’s a smaller jump than the previous quarter, when the app added 13 million new users thanks in large part to its viral “gender swap” filter.

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As with last quarter, much of the growth came from outside of North America and Europe, where Snap added a million new users each. The company has credited its rebuilt Android app with boosting growth outside of the U.S., where iPhones are more dominant.

“Following the rebuild of our Android app, Snapchat is now more performant on a wider variety of devices, and we have been working on localization and other efforts to create a better user experience across international markets,” Spiegel said during a call with investors.

“This has helped

us substantially increase the rate at which we onboard new Android users who not only download Snapchat but also use it on an ongoing basis to talk with their friends, contributing to our daily active user growth.”

Spiegel again touted Snapchat’s high engagement and its “significant lead” in augmented reality. He noted that “each daily active user opens Snapchat 30 times per day on average,” and that each daily user is “interacting with augmented reality nearly 30 times every day on average.”

Later on the call, Snap’s CFO Derek Andersen said the company sees “significant potential” in augmented reality advertising.

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Spiegel also called out the company’s nascent hardware business as an important pieces of the company’s AR strategy. Snapchat’s upcoming Spectacles 3 will be “an important building block for our augmented reality technology,” he said. At the same time, though, he made it clear that Snap doesn’t expect to sell very many of the glasses.

“We are building low volumes of Spectacles 3 and using this iteration to test and learn more about wearable computing.”

Facebook offers new features to enjoy music on its network.

After a period of cooperation with Facebook to major music companies to provide users with the network and give them the opportunity to experience various experiences without restrictions, which culminated in the announcement of new features that allow the user to enjoy the music and publish on their account easily and free.

The company announced that users will be able to upload their own video clips containing music on their Facebook accounts, for example: when you publish a section of a graduation ceremony containing a song, there will be no restrictions on the existence of songs because of their rights, Of free music that can be used in video similar to YouTube.

The company also revealed a feature that allows users to synchronize the movement of lips directly with the songs and songs available on the network called the free Lip Sync Live. Where users can go to the live broadcast feature, then choose a song from the existing songs, and then start to move his lips with the lyrics of the song to coincide with, and then can publish the recorded video of the user is singing on the account.

Facebook has also added music to the story on Enstekram and Messanger, and has talked about more features to be offered in the coming period.

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Truecaller adds free calls to program subscribers

Truecaller adds free calls to program subscribers

Truecaller added the ability to make free calls between Voip users over the latest version. The feature began to reach Android phones on June 10 but today they officially announced it.

Until now, this feature has been available only for Android phones. Some phones have not arrived in the iPhone and ios but are expected to be released in the coming weeks. This feature works like the various free online calls on various social networking and chat programs now.

The only difference is that you will be able to use the same interface and phone to connect to Voip from inside the program. Truroecaller has developed a lot in the past years. It is no longer a caller-only program. It offers a wider range of features such as sending free messages and sharing information. It will be the one-on-one program for talking and communicating over the Internet.

Of course, the feature is still fairly new. There is no information about its quality and its ability to maintain the privacy of the calls, especially that the company has not announced any information about the privacy and encryption of calls. Therefore, we recommend that you abide by the services and calls that you have already tried and know in advance to ensure the quality of this service.

Confirmation of the release of Mi 9t Pro globally

The Mi 9t Pro is

the professional version of his younger brother Mi 9t, which was announced in the past few weeks and started to be released in the European market and various international markets.

The Mi 9t Pro is the new version of the K20 Pro that has taken the world by surprise and is on the throne of the killer of the new flagship phones by offering many different features but at a very competitive price, some thought with the launch of Mi 9t that the K20 Pro will not reach the market And will continue to be the exclusive preserve of the Chinese region, but fortunately today’s diversion confirms this information.

mi 9t pro

This confirmation comes after a developer and members of the Miui official forum analyzed the camera software in the latest version of the Miui system and searched its files until a watermark was found to match the phone. To check the quality of this mark you should know that the developer also found copies of watermarks for the phones K20 pro in the same update as Raphael and watermark for Mi9t pro under raphael_global.

Raphael seems to be Chaomi’s code name for this version of the phone so it makes sense to expect it to be released soon in the coming days.

Bucco iPhone will get the Android Q update officially

Bucco iPhone has received a new update to the MIUI system to become the number, the new update comes mainly with the May 2019 security additions.

The new update comes in about 350 MB and comes with other updates such as customizing the lock screen, which you can access by going to the advanced settings in the Lock Screen and Bass import, but the clock will not work with third-party themes and other unofficial formats.

Poko Von

The update also addresses a small set of problems, such as the disappearance of dual applications as well as the improved Wi-Fi connection of the phone, but more importantly, the CEO of the Pocophone branch at the company Shawami confirmed categorically that the phone will get an update Android Q as issued, no information if this update Will arrive on the phone as soon as it is released globally or we will wait for some time before the update is spread and seen on the phones.

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But even if Shawomi did not officially release the phone, Boko Von is characterized by a large group of independent developers who are working hard to provide the latest updates and new phone developments with different systems through a variety of Roms, meaning that the phone will not die any time soon.

On the other hand, the phone Boko Von has received a new price reduction in Egypt and the Arab region to the price now to about 5000 pounds through the latest offer launched by Shawomi in a campaign to spread the phone more and achieve better profits for the phone, but this price is for a limited period only and specifically for a period One day is 19-6.

Huawei ‘s new Kirin 810 processor with 7 nano technology

The Kirin 810 processor is the latest in Huawei’s specially designed and manufactured processors. This processor is the company’s first 7nm processor.

The processor is built on the same technology as the Huawei’s flagship processor, the kirin 980, and is the only 7nm processor based on the 7km processor. The closest processor is Qualcomm based on 8nm technology.

For many, the difference between 7 nano and 8 nano may not be big but it is a mistake. The processor is based on a smaller manufacturing precision. In our case, the Kirin 810 processor has the ability to produce processor power and handle the machine processes more quickly but with less energy consumption and less heat production Which will make phone batteries built by this processor last longer and will not find any barriers to access to higher numbers in performance.

Kirin 810 processor

The Kirin 810 processor comes as usual with two parts, the first is the eight-core CPU and the second is a graphics processor of the quality of Mail-g52 MP6, while the frequency of the processor unit itself comes with two nanoparticles operating at a high frequency of 2.27Ghz and the remaining six are working at 1.88Ghz frequency, Huawei With a 162% more robust processor performance than its old processor Kirin 710.

Kirin 810 processor

The power point of this processor comes in two specific areas: the first is the NPU, which is the cube for dealing with artificial intelligence and related tasks and the management of the resources of the device according to the pressure on the phone, meaning that artificial intelligence will control the rate of tires and the speed of graphics cards and others according to pressure on the device The company claims to be able to compete with the Snapdragon 855 processor in this area.

The second point is processing the images within the processor that has the ability to raw raw image processor so you expect more impressive performance in the field of images.

The first phone in the processor will be the new Nova 5 announced by Huawei yesterday.

Announced the Mediapad M6 tablet with 8.4 new and 10.8 sizes

Huawei announced yesterday the tablet Mediapad M6 with three phones from the new nova 5 family, the new tablet comes in two sizes we see for the first time with Huawei, the 8.4-inch and 10.8-inch only difference is the size of the battery

The new tablets come with a 2560 x 1600 LCD screen with slightly thin edges compared to old tablets and batteries of a very good size. The 10.8 version will have a 7500 mA battery and the 8.4 version will have a 6100 mA battery .

Tablets Mediapad M6

The Mediapad M6 will come with a 8 megapixel front camera and a 13 megapixel rear camera with quad speakers in the new 10.8 version to add a deeper, immersive audio experience.

The devices come with a major Kirin 980 processor with 4 GB RAM and up to 128GB of storage capacity and can be increased with a memory card. The new Mediapad M6 also comes with Huawei’s EMUI 9.1 Android 9.1 system.

Huawei has also added touch pins to the device and this has allowed the development of a practical keyboard to increase productivity on the device, the tablet also comes with a USB C port with a 3.5mm headphones port.

Tablets Mediapad M6

In terms of price, the 10.8-inch tablet will start pre-ordering from today at a price of about $ 335 for the least copy device without a connection chip and will increase its price to about $ 510 with the highest version.

As for the 8.4 device, the pre-order will start on July 7 next and will start selling officially on July 20 with the beginning of the price of about 290 dollars for the lowest version and up to $ 392 for the highest version in it….

Infusion: Google Pixel 4 appears in a new green color

Infusion: Google Pixel 4 appears in a new green color

A few weeks ago Google revealed the design of its new Google Pixel 4 phone and specifically the rear design after much debate and noise around it.

Today there are new leaked images, three-dimensional images Renders about the new colors that will be issued by the phone specifically green light called Mint Green, which is the latest color issued and used by Google mainly in its flagship phone.

Mint green will come with a yellow power button to match the design of the device as a whole and the colors used in the device as a whole, and the black version will come with a white and white power button that will come with a slightly light blue power button.

Google Pixel

Personally, I see the coloring of the power button in a different color as a beautiful and creative idea to give the device a distinctive touch without adding inventions in the design, offering nothing new and might ruin the overall design.

Of course, these images are not official and did not come from any reliable source or close to Google, but they look beautiful and different despite some differences in the arrangement of the rear camera, so be careful you may be rumors and leaks are wrong.

In any case there is a Google Pixel 4 color Mint Green, although the idea looks strange and silly, the beginning will be beautiful and color gives the phone really better design and more beautiful than previously.

Google will stop making tablets on all operating systems

Google has decided it will stop making tablets, do you remember Pixel Slate? This was the last tablet Google will ever offer.

The device was released last year with the Pixel 3 and pixel 3xl devices and was running Chrome OS instead of the normal Android we used to but now there will be no new Android device or other development team Google.

According to many rumors, there were two devices from Google in development, which are smaller than the Pixel Slate device in size, but with the beginning of this week Google has completely abandoned the development of the devices and stopped development.

But this does not mean that the company will stop supporting the Chrome OS system. It is still developing a laptop that will work and most likely it will be the company’s new pixelbook and will be announced next to the Pixel 4 this year.

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Google devices in recent times have been experiencing many problems and confusion in many aspects of the development of phones and mobile devices, although the pixels of the most powerful devices in the Android system, but it was unable to achieve the sales required and even achieve sales well and you can imagine the situation with Pixelslate tablet devices.

Personally, this saddens me very much. The first tablet I ever owned was Nexus 7 and was truly one of the best tablets in the market and then I owned the Nexus 10, which I have never seen in a tablet that competes in quality and efficiency to this day….

CC series through a new video with an Internet celebrity

Yesterday, Shawy announced a new series, the CC Series, which will be designed by students and artists in different faculties of the arts and will be directed mainly to the younger and more modern audience in design and specification.
But yesterday the company’s announcement of the family and the CC series without revealing any new phones would be issued under this name or even hinted to her. Today, the company publishes a new video of an 8-year-old Internet celebrity named Gavin Thomas. .

It is clear from the pictures that the company’s representative enjoys playing with the child before his own filming session and taking Sylvie pictures with him. Of course, the aim of this campaign is to look all unmanaged and two people enjoy the phone experience away from anything else.

At the same time, new photos of the new Mi CC9e are emerging. These are three-dimensional images that give us an intense look on the phone and its exterior design from the front and the back, and the phone seems to be a more mix between the Mi 9 and the Mi 9se.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is late in getting updates

Samsung that it will support the Galaxy s7 all the latest updates to the phone and the latest security updates to become compatible with all the new changes in the world of Android and in the world of Android security updates

But even though it is surprising that the company even launched oneUi update for the phone, it has not yet released the new security updates for June or May 2019. This means that the phone will probably get big updates from one time to the next or at least get security and small updates Grouped together

Of course, such a move that Samsung followed with all of its leading phones would be a great incentive for everyone to buy new Samsung phones without worrying about getting the phone out of the list of updates or that the system on the phone becomes weak, old and unsupported.

This plan followed by Apple with its iPhone has been the reason for the current size of the phones and continue to sell continuously and increase these sales also continuously, when you buy a device or phone from Apple, you know well that the phone will not come out of the list of updates up to 5 years of the default age A life cycle that is greater than the life cycle of your phone

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were released in 2016, almost three years ago, and it is surprising for all to remain on the support list to this day….