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Clean Master Pro 6.6 PC Activation License key 2021 ✔


Clean Master Pro for PC is a powerful yet simple cleaning and optimization tool for Windows that has been developed by Cheetah Mobile, a known Chinese mobile company and the creators of popular global mobile apps among them you can find the “Clean Master” app for Android. Clean Master will improve the performance of your PC to make it running like a brand new one. clean master pro for pc

Clean Master Pro for PC offers several optimization tools includes: delete junk files from the computer including cleaning residual system junk files, files left by uninstalled apps or temporary files (support more than 1000 apps), clean up invalid entries from the registry, optimizing PC memory, optimize system network settings and more…

Clean Master Pro, Clean Master for PC is available in two editions: Standard and Professional. The Standard edition is 100% free for commercial use and offers basic cleaning and optimization features. The Professional edition adds some more PC optimization features and essential utilities such as a driver booster that supports over 5 million devices and drivers, a file shredder to completely remove sensitive files from your computer with no option to recover them later, recovery of lost files, eliminate 6 types of privacy risks, auto-cleaning options, and more. clean master pro

When activating the program, you will get:

  • Attractive Modern user interface
  • Easy to use and fast
  • Boost your PC speed with one click
  • Free up your PC storage from junk files
  • Support cleaning for more than 1000 apps
  • Driver Booster (Pro Only)
  • File Shredder (Pro Only)
  • Privacy Protection (Pro Only)
  • File Recovery (Pro Only)
  • Customizable Autoclean tasks (Pro Only)
  • Browser Auto-clean (Pro Only)

How to get the paid version for free

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