Extensions to improve your Facebook experience on Chrome

There is no network of months from Facebook which has been transformed in a short period to be a global phenomenon that is a parable and is referred to in terms of success and quality – at times – and it is the most widespread on all platforms

but with this success, the experience of the network on computers is still in need For some improvements, fortunately many third-party developers are working hard to improve this experience and add a lot of features. Most of what we’ll talk about today is a set of third-party add-ons that improve your Facebook experience and make it a better experience.

Why you need these plugins

Because Facebook has a lot of software and networks lacking some simple touches that will make users’ lives better for a variety of reasons, developers are looking at them for different reasons. This is why the third-party add-on development community appears so all add-ons will improve your experience, make it better, Form possible

Add a Social Fixer


The content written on Facebook is very large so the topics that really matter to you may get lost amidst these large amounts of content. Here is the need to add a social fixer that allows you to select and interest in specific content. This plugin works with keywords. By telling the addres what you do with the content that includes these words, you can simply hide any post it contains or even show only those posters,

The extension is available for Chrome and Firefox and you can get it here

Add Photo Zoom

The name reveals the title, this extension works very simple It enlarges the size of images and allow you to zoom and enlarge without the need to open the image and waiting for the end of the loading of the new page and others, this additive is distinctive and will save you a lot of time

Add Hootlet

This add-on is intended for professionals in general and is free of course. The add-on allows you to share content quickly between platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and others with the click of a button from anywhere in the Internet and easily unmatched. You can also schedule your posts to publish on Three social networks at one time If you need more than this you can subscribe to the free version of this addendum

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