Google will stop making tablets on all operating systems

Google has decided it will stop making tablets, do you remember Pixel Slate? This was the last tablet Google will ever offer.

The device was released last year with the Pixel 3 and pixel 3xl devices and was running Chrome OS instead of the normal Android we used to but now there will be no new Android device or other development team Google.

According to many rumors, there were two devices from Google in development, which are smaller than the Pixel Slate device in size, but with the beginning of this week Google has completely abandoned the development of the devices and stopped development.

But this does not mean that the company will stop supporting the Chrome OS system. It is still developing a laptop that will work and most likely it will be the company’s new pixelbook and will be announced next to the Pixel 4 this year.

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Google devices in recent times have been experiencing many problems and confusion in many aspects of the development of phones and mobile devices, although the pixels of the most powerful devices in the Android system, but it was unable to achieve the sales required and even achieve sales well and you can imagine the situation with Pixelslate tablet devices.

Personally, this saddens me very much. The first tablet I ever owned was Nexus 7 and was truly one of the best tablets in the market and then I owned the Nexus 10, which I have never seen in a tablet that competes in quality and efficiency to this day….

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