How to know how to charge Bluetooth devices connected to your computer

Charging Bluetooth devices is the biggest drawback from my point of view, especially if you like me neglect to charge these devices or check their shipping levels or that your Bluetooth terminal does not have a meter to show the shipment simply

This is not a problem with mobile phones. You will always find the phone showing you the battery level of your connected Bluetooth device, whether it is an external headset or a smart external clock. As an example, however, with the computer the situation becomes more difficult and complicated especially if you like to use wireless terminals such as wireless mouse Cordless and other things

Imagine sitting on your desk and starting to do some important work to surprise that your wireless mouse has been charged and unable to work? It is very annoying and frustrating so the new addition that came to Windows 10 which allows it to know the charging of Bluetooth devices connected to it was very useful and very practical

How do you know which Bluetooth devices are connected to your device?

At first, you will know how to charge the Bluetooth device connected to your computer. If this device initially supports this feature, known as the Bluetooth battery monitor, which allows any connected smart device to reach the battery level, some terminals will need To third-party software to give you this feature and others – especially cheaply priced products – will not allow you to do this

If your device supports this feature, all you have to do is follow the steps below

Add the Bluetooth device and connect it to your computer

The first and logical step is to connect your Bluetooth device to your computer. There are many ways you can do this, but what matters is that you reach the Bluetooth and Other Devices screen through the settings of the devices in the system settings

Once you are in this screen, press the + sign to add your device and select it from the list of devices that will appear to you

Connect the device

When you open the Add Device screen you will see a screen like the picture below, select your terminal and add it inside your device by clicking the unit name

Charging Bluetooth devices

When you return to the Bluetooth And Other Devices screen you will find the name of the Bluetooth device you connected and the charge rate of this device

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