Huawei ‘s new Kirin 810 processor with 7 nano technology

The Kirin 810 processor is the latest in Huawei’s specially designed and manufactured processors. This processor is the company’s first 7nm processor.

The processor is built on the same technology as the Huawei’s flagship processor, the kirin 980, and is the only 7nm processor based on the 7km processor. The closest processor is Qualcomm based on 8nm technology.

For many, the difference between 7 nano and 8 nano may not be big but it is a mistake. The processor is based on a smaller manufacturing precision. In our case, the Kirin 810 processor has the ability to produce processor power and handle the machine processes more quickly but with less energy consumption and less heat production Which will make phone batteries built by this processor last longer and will not find any barriers to access to higher numbers in performance.

Kirin 810 processor

The Kirin 810 processor comes as usual with two parts, the first is the eight-core CPU and the second is a graphics processor of the quality of Mail-g52 MP6, while the frequency of the processor unit itself comes with two nanoparticles operating at a high frequency of 2.27Ghz and the remaining six are working at 1.88Ghz frequency, Huawei With a 162% more robust processor performance than its old processor Kirin 710.

Kirin 810 processor

The power point of this processor comes in two specific areas: the first is the NPU, which is the cube for dealing with artificial intelligence and related tasks and the management of the resources of the device according to the pressure on the phone, meaning that artificial intelligence will control the rate of tires and the speed of graphics cards and others according to pressure on the device The company claims to be able to compete with the Snapdragon 855 processor in this area.

The second point is processing the images within the processor that has the ability to raw raw image processor so you expect more impressive performance in the field of images.

The first phone in the processor will be the new Nova 5 announced by Huawei yesterday.

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