Infusion: Google Pixel 4 appears in a new green color

Infusion: Google Pixel 4 appears in a new green color

A few weeks ago Google revealed the design of its new Google Pixel 4 phone and specifically the rear design after much debate and noise around it.

Today there are new leaked images, three-dimensional images Renders about the new colors that will be issued by the phone specifically green light called Mint Green, which is the latest color issued and used by Google mainly in its flagship phone.

Mint green will come with a yellow power button to match the design of the device as a whole and the colors used in the device as a whole, and the black version will come with a white and white power button that will come with a slightly light blue power button.

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Personally, I see the coloring of the power button in a different color as a beautiful and creative idea to give the device a distinctive touch without adding inventions in the design, offering nothing new and might ruin the overall design.

Of course, these images are not official and did not come from any reliable source or close to Google, but they look beautiful and different despite some differences in the arrangement of the rear camera, so be careful you may be rumors and leaks are wrong.

In any case there is a Google Pixel 4 color Mint Green, although the idea looks strange and silly, the beginning will be beautiful and color gives the phone really better design and more beautiful than previously.

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