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In our time, data has become a treasure, and obtaining and collecting it has become one of the biggest gains for some commercial companies, so it has become difficult for users to maintain the privacy of their data and files, due to the intrusion of the Internet to our world and the increasing reliance on it day after day.

But we do not deny the role of some specialized anti-virus software, which provides the user with a secure Internet connection to protect his data and device from hacking or spying.

In this article, we will present information about Kaspersky’s anti-virus program, as the company producing it is considered one of the leading companies specialized in protection and anti-virus.

About Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky anti-virus software is a strong competitor in the world of cybersecurity, as there are several programs that differ in features from each other, depending on the main purpose of their use.

It also provides digital home protection products, and corporate protection products, but its basic version, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, is available for free, while its other programs are available for a fee that varies according to the advantages.

But what we are interested in in this article is Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security is a distinctive protection and anti-virus software suitable for children, so it is suitable for families, as it enables the user to access the same account through several devices.

This product carries additional advantages over Internet Security as it contains a VPN to encrypt the user’s primary address, and contains a feature to manage and store passwords, and the most amazing feature is the Safe Kids service, as it enables parents to restrict content in children’s devices and the ability to remotely monitor children .

Kaspersky Internet Security can be installed from the official website, and the annual subscription price for one device is $ 40, but under the banner of everything is free, WZamrani provides you with a free version of Kaspersky Total Security, where in this video we will teach you how to download, install and activate the protection giant Kaspersky Internet Security V

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