Truecaller adds free calls to program subscribers

Truecaller adds free calls to program subscribers

Truecaller added the ability to make free calls between Voip users over the latest version. The feature began to reach Android phones on June 10 but today they officially announced it.

Until now, this feature has been available only for Android phones. Some phones have not arrived in the iPhone and ios but are expected to be released in the coming weeks. This feature works like the various free online calls on various social networking and chat programs now.

The only difference is that you will be able to use the same interface and phone to connect to Voip from inside the program. Truroecaller has developed a lot in the past years. It is no longer a caller-only program. It offers a wider range of features such as sending free messages and sharing information. It will be the one-on-one program for talking and communicating over the Internet.

Of course, the feature is still fairly new. There is no information about its quality and its ability to maintain the privacy of the calls, especially that the company has not announced any information about the privacy and encryption of calls. Therefore, we recommend that you abide by the services and calls that you have already tried and know in advance to ensure the quality of this service.

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