What do you think about the name of the new Huawei operating system “HongMeng OS”?

When Huawei announced its new smartphone operating system, built specifically to counter any unexpected movements by Google and US companies in general, in March there was no name for this operating system.

Well, we now have a name for the operating system of the Chinese company which is HongMing, a Chinese name that is not associated with any of the company’s products nor anything technical yet, the name will be different from the global name of the system (because Hongmeng will be the Chinese version name of this operating system ).

Hongmeng OS is the name of the new operating system for smartphones and tablets (and perhaps a laptop), a self-developed operating system, as Huawei puts it in its official notes.) The system will be in our hands before the end of 2019 and the spring 2020 solutions in full. .

Smart phones, tablets, televisions, wearables such as watches, etc. All of these products will be compatible with Huawei Hongmeng OS.

It should be noted that all Android applications will be compatible with the new HongMing system.

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